peoplw trolling for saltwater fish offshore
man holding a large old drum
group of people surf fishing off the north carolina coast

Sign Up for Take a Kid Fishing 2014

There is No June Meeting… Do Take a Kid Fishing Instead!

In case you’ve forgotten, there will be no Members meeting in June. Instead the club will be sending a contingent Downeast to provide our time and talents to Take a kid Fishing.

Wondering how you can get involved?

Wonder no more. It’s easy. Either contact Tommy Peace directly, or simply go to the Take a Kid Fishing 2014 event page and fill out the simple form (you’ll have to be logged into the site to see the form). You’ll also be able to see who else has signed up (at least by using the form) on the event page.

Please Sign Up Now

We need to get a list of names over to TAKF very soon so that they can make assignments as soon as they have a final headcount on the kids.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to really make an impact on the lives of some really great kids. Check out the event page or contact Tommy Peace for more details.

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